Anne is available to work with students in one-on-one spiritual insight sessions throughout the year via videoconferencing. Students already working with her will have priority for in-person sessions when she returns to Tokyo in 2020.

The private sessions of the Diamond Approach are called spiritual insight sessions. In these sessions, the teacher guides inquiry into a topic that is at arising for the student, using exploration that includes the mind, the emotions, and the body. Breath and movement work are included. Barriers are revealed, explored, and understood. As that happens, clarity and insight arise. Through this process, the student's experience deepens, awakens, and often opens to include essential aspects (strength, power, will, compassion, etc.) and/or nondual states. Also central to the work is learning to deal with the inner critic (super ego), which is a major barrier to any personal transformation. 


Please choose your fee based on your financial situation and these suggestions: 

~ below average income/wealth ¥9,500

~ average income/wealth ¥11,500

~ higher-than-average income/wealth ¥13,500