A Path That Fits Our Era

We are fortunate to live in a time when there are so many spiritual paths and wisdom teachings to learn from. Not every teaching fits every person. And not every teaching fits with how we live in our times. These days, most people do not want to join a monastery or become hermits. They want to live a rich and full life, having friends, work, family... We also have active minds, and we have learned much through psychology that helps us understand how we can use the mind to effectively explore our reality. The Diamond Approach encourages you to live a full life in the world, and to deeply explore your inner nature which is beyond this world.


Diamonds have many facets, and the Diamond Approach approaches reality from many aspects. We even explore nonduality from five major perspectives. While some teachings focus on one aspect as a doorway – for example, Buddhism sees primarily the emptiness of existence, or Christianity sees love as foundational, or Gurdjieff teachings cultivate will – the Diamond Approach explores all of these aspects and more. We recognize both presence and emptiness as nondual grounds of being. We recognize many essential aspects – love, joy, will, power, compassion, acceptance, etc. – that are differentiations out of that ground. We recognize states of both an essential self and no-self. Reality and true nature express in a multitude of realizations.

Diamonds are also sharp and clearly cut. The Diamond Approach has very precise and specific knowledge and wisdom, and precise methods for exploring. We also use modern psychological knowledge with precision, to understand the various barriers that arise as obstacles to spiritual understanding. As students learn to inquire, their experience becomes more and more clear, more and more objective, crisp and diamond-like.

Finally, when inner sight is open, the inner nature of reality is often experienced in beautiful diamond or jeweled forms. 

Teachings That Transform Lives

The Diamond Approach has a very effective methodology for human maturation and transformation, revealed to its founders through their own inner work, and honed through decades of work with students across many cultures. We understand how and why the ego forms, and we have ways to "unwrap" it to guide a student to access true nature. Diamond Approach work opens students to essential aspects, which transforms identity and makes life rich and meaningful. The Diamond Approach also works with nondual states. We have a precise understanding of the barriers that arise – the obstacles that prevent us from living from this awakened place. Work with the barriers allows a deeper shift in identity and actualization of nondual realization in our lives.

Diamond Approach teachers also work with what we call the "third turning" and the "fourth turning" of the Diamond Approach. These turnings explore other types of realization, and are worked with as those experiences arise for students or a group.