These events will be in English, but it is NOT necessary to be a native or fluent English speaker. As long as your English is middle level and you are curious, you are invited to attend. Anne will be preparing some materials to help people who are not native English speakers feel more comfortable with the teaching.

Space is limited at all of the events and advanced registration is required.

Free Evening Talk

Saturday October 19

1.5-Day Weekend Workshop

Sat/Sun October 26 & 27 

Private Session with Teacher

Scheduled Upon Request




Evening Talk: Living a Spiritual Life While Engaged in the World

This is a chance for you to experience a Diamond Approach introductory teaching in a casual environment. 

Do you feel that to be "spiritual" you have to go to a mountaintop or a monastery? Do you love your life in the world - your career, your favorite cafe, your video games? These things do not have to be in opposition. It is possible to be very involved in a life in the world, while also developing your spiritual nature. This is part of the Diamond Approach - being "in the world" but being "not of the world" - that means that we live in the world and enjoy all that it offers, but that life does not take us away from our spiritual nature.

During this evening together we will explore what it means to have a spiritual life in modern times, and how that interrelates with a life that includes work, family, friends, and all the things of the world.

We will start at 6:30 pm with a meditation, and then I will give a talk on the topic of what it means to have a spiritual life in modern times, and how that interrelates with a life that includes work, family, friends, and all the things of the world. There will then be a chance for you to explore this topic in smaller groups, as well as time for questions.

The talk will be in English, but it will be fine if you are not a native speaker, as long as you have a moderate level of English. 

There is no fee for this event but advanced registration is required since space is limited. 

You will get exact location details when you register. It's about a 6-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station.

This event is now full. Please come to the 1.5 day workshop on October 26-27 (see below) - you can attend the Saturday morning session free - or try a private session. You can also contact me to get on my mailing list for future events.

Saturday October 19    






Workshop (1.5 Days): The 3 Centers of Embodied Spirituality – Head, Heart, Belly (Hara)

Would you like your spiritual nature to be alive and present in your body? 

For most people, the 3 subtle centers of the head, heart, and belly (hara) are only partially active, because they are not fully developed and/or blocked by personal history. By understanding each center better, and exploring any blocks and barriers, we can clarify and awaken them. As the centers are awakened and developed, we become more embodied - our spiritual nature permeates our body and our body awakens. We are open to new perception, sensation, and guidance. We are able to live and act from our being and have greater ease in the circumstances of our lives.

This 1.5-day Diamond Approach® workshop will explore these three centers, both through teaching presentations and experiential exercises. 

The teaching will be in English, but you will be fine as long as you speak a moderate level of English, so please don't hesitate to come.

The workshop will be in the Minami Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, location details with registration. 

Space is limited and advanced registration is required.

There is a sliding scale fee, which means you choose what price you can afford from the ¥8,000-¥15,000 range.

There will be a lunch break on Saturday. 

Please view my Facebook and Instagram (click on icons below) for discussions about the 3 centers and music playlists!

Saturday October 26  




Sunday October 27